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Architecture d'Avoriaz

Avoriaz architecture

Avoriaz is not just a ski resort. Its location above the valley of the slate, modern architecture make it a very interesting story.

The story of the resort

The Counts of Rovorée were once the owners of the shelf where the resort is located. The pastures were donated to the town of Morzine and took the name of "Land Rovorée", "Avorée Land", "Land of Avoréaz" and finally Avoriaz. With their simple design, the old chalets set up the station testament to the work of the Avoriaz Alpine shelf. Such chalets being used only during the summer they have no need to cope with the rigors of winter.

With the advent of skiing, some children in Morzine (including Jean Vuarnet) took advantage of the cold winter for fun in this white paradise that offers massive surrounding shelf Avoriaz.

Crowned with the title of Olympic champion and looking for a new challenge, Jean Vuarnet had the idea to make known his white paradise for lovers of skiing and the mountains.

For help in creating this new resort, Jean Vuranet teamed with Gerard Bremond promoter (founder and president of the Pierre & Vacances group). They found a team of young architects (Jacques Labro, Jean-Jacques Orzoni and Jean-Marc Roques) all just graduated to realize the concept of a new modern and innovative resort. Gerard BREMON defines the general idea of ​​the new station. "When you go on vacation, we want to find a different context from the one we live in quotidien. In Avoriaz, there will be no cars and the heating is electric, non-polluting, rather than oil. Streets serve as tracks, architecture remain modest, inside the frame, but innovative. "

It was in 1962 that the town of Morzine allows the developer to create tracks and install lifts. The beginning was modest, a chairlift, a ski lift, a track and a shelter (which served as a restaurant / bar / home office). Jean Vuarnet was proud of those early days: "Finally, I was testing the interest of skiers for this great site"

Along with the ski area, architects begin work Avoriaz. The architectural idea of ​​the station will be: mimetic, contemporary, sensible, fantastic, baroque, avant-garde ...
Jacques Labro gives no logical architecture of the resort explanation: "The style is inherent in every architect, he has a way of design, and the nature of projects or the time in which they are made, can influence style ". The truth about their architecture is that they want to get out of the idea of Savoyard chalets and large urban volumes.

Homes and cottages Parkway slate are the perfect example of the combination of shapes, volumes, materials, landscape and the environment. The embodiments do not have a right angle, they are all covered with shingles, roof are inclined to the ground to facilitate mounting of the snow level. The red cedar shingle are left natural to let time and weather stained wood to their shows (the wood is colored gray to red).

While the ski area grew, the station grew up towards the shelf. Festival area, Crozats area, Hives area, strong tops area, cliff out of the earth gradually.

The residence of stone and wood blend perfectly with the surrounding nature. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between buildings and the cliff. Avoriaz is a pioneer in France in creating a station based on the environment. Today many stations are restructuring to look like this in Avoriaz has made it 30 years ago.

Avoriaz is one of the largest French station, people come to this maginifique ski area is architecture and unique views.