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Le quartier des Dromonts Avoriaz

Dromonts area Avoriaz

In the heart of the resort, the Dromont area is where is expressed most inspired mountain architecture

The area

The Dromonts area is compose with this building : Hauts forts, Sequoia, Mélèzes and the Dromonts Hotel

Just arriving in the lobby of the hotel, we all make on behalf of his exuberant arrangement. It is composed of corners, nooks, broken level flight of stairs, walkways crisscross, oven-shaped chimneys…

In 1968 the Dromonts area allowed his architects to win the silver bracket.

The fantastic film festival

During the film festival, the photographers waiting Stars with their cameras trained on the hotel to see them take sleds or go skiing.

At the beginning of the resort, Gerard Bremond and Lionel Chouchan seeking a way to propel Avoriaz under the spotlight. They have the idea of the fantastic film festival who has to Avoriaz in the floodlight.

The Festival is an integral part of Avoriaz. During 20 years (1973-1993) the biggest movie stars came to enjoy the skiing area of the resort between film screenings. The winners of the festival are all great fame director : Steven Spielberg, David Cronenberg, David Lynch, Brian de Palma, Georges Miller, Luc Besson...

In 1994 the fantastic film festival was replaced by the French film festival. The French Film Festival was stoped in 1996.